The Foodweb Program

Foodweb Education is a garden-based eco-literacy program for Foundation to grade 6 students in Australia. We teach sustainability through a unique approach that integrates scientific knowledge with practical skills. 

Foodweb uses ecological patterns for understanding everyday activities such as gardening, cooking, eating and waste management. We use these patterns because they apply to all systems on every scale. 


Do you need Foodweb?

Does your school want a kitchen garden that is used by all students, well-maintained, productive and integrated into the curriculum with no extra pressure on classroom teachers?

Do you want to learn how to make your edible garden program an eco-literacy program?

This is what the Foodweb Education program we can offer! get in touch to find out how we can get involved with your school.




Eco-literacy is the keystone in the Foodweb approach to environmental education and school gardening. We incorporate foundational science into each lesson so that our students develop a solid understanding of the processes that sustain life.

Guiding children to discover and understand the processes that we and all life on Earth depend on through growing and eating their own food.