Love Letters To Worms

Nothing says I love you like taking someone’s waste and converting it into something they can use to grow abundant, nutritious, delicious vegetables. And nothing says thank you better than pouring your heartfelt words of gratitude onto edible cards and delivering them with a kiss.

Love letters to worms was just one of the many activities the kids visiting our ‘soil makers at the museum’ station at this years Children’s Festival at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) got involved in.

We also had Ms Milli Pede guiding kids through the worm tunnel and busting their best mini-beast moves. Of course you could also meet a worm and get up close and personal with our other favourite soil creatures hiding in our little friends gardens. It was such a great day. Thank you TMAG and thank you to all the beautiful young souls that came and took part it was such a pleasure and honour to meet you. Catch you s’later ! 

Isobel Harper